Welcome To Long Beach

The city by the sea..

About Long Beach

California is home to some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world. Running against famously gorgeous cities like Santa Cruz and San Diego, the competition was stiff, but Long Beach currently holds my heart. Long Beach is located near the southern tip of California and shares in the diverse SoCal culture. Hills, beaches and lush greenery delineate this coastal city.

Incorporated in 1897, Long Beach become one of the busiest container and shipping ports in the world. This is part due in part to the city’s rich oil fields, the fourth largest in the US. This healthy economy attracted residents from all over the globe, helping to create a blend of eclectic neighborhoods and an urban waterfront playground. There are enough activities here to satisfy any appetite. From museums and historical landmarks to lively clubs and festivals. Or simply take a short drive to Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, or many other Southern California attractions in under an hour.


Some of my favorite things to do in Long Beach include:

  • City BeachLong Beach City Beach - The main and largest beach of the city. Many come here to play, excerise, walk their dogs or just take in the gorgeous view.

  • Hilltop ParkHilltop Park - Technically this park is located in the city of Signal Hill. However, Signal Hill is completely surrounded by Long Beach and is essentially a city within a city. Because of this, I still consider Hilltop park to be one of my favorite parts of Long Beach. The Park is known for its breathtaking panoramic view of Long Beach and neighboring cities.
  • AquariumAquarium of the Pacific - Located across from the Long Beach Convention Center, this aquarium features a collection of over 11,000 animals. Catch live an array performances and other events here as well.
  • DowntownDowntown Long Beach - The heart of Long Beach and the hub for many of it’s attractions. Restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, a museum and even a weekly Farmers Market can be found here as well as the best festivals.